Product Description:

This template is a tool for outlining your strategic plan for new ventures, orientation, or projects. This template elegantly divides the planning phase into three segments that is the 30 days (focused on learning), the subsequent 30 days (establishing measurable objectives), and the final 30 days (setting leadership goals). This breakdown helps viewers better understand the timeline and aims at each stage.

With a design and a professional blue-white color palette, this 30 60 90 plan template exudes a polished look perfect for corporate presentations. It includes a banner with room for a title and three distinct sections each representing a 30-day segment of the plan. These segments smoothly transition to capture attention and maintain audience engagement throughout your presentation. Furthermore, this template offers sections like Industry, Product, Processes, and People, with a place for text under each category. The inclusion of icons corresponding to these categories enhances appeal and highlights key points effectively. 

Managers, team leaders, and professionals seeking to convey plans and expectations clearly will find this template highly beneficial. This professional presentation also allows you to adjust the content, font, colors, and icons according to your preferences and works well with both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides software.