Product Description:

Animated Agenda PowerPoint Template 14

Presenting the Animated Agenda PowerPoint Template 14, a slide for people searching for the perfect agenda template PPT for their next meeting. The animation feature makes the slide more interactive and interesting to the viewers. 

The presentation starts with the heading “AGENDA,” fading in at the top of the slide. After that, five sections right below the heading are filled out one by one with numerical bullets and descriptions. The first number pops up, followed by the text box sliding down. This process repeats for all the agenda topics. The gradual release of the topic one at a time makes the audience focus on that particular topic. The gray background image of a person climbing steps indicates the step-by-step reveal of each agenda point written in white, making it all connected. 

Like the other slide templates we provide, this template is fully customizable and compatible with various software like MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. You can change the template to your liking by editing things like font color or background. These templates can be used by professionals like project managers, business executives, product managers, and sales and marketing teams. 

If you’d like to change the animation style but don’t know how to, don’t worry—we can help. With our customization services, we will modify the content according to your needs and deliver it in 24 hours.