Product Description:

Animated Education Timeline Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

The Animated Education Timeline Template shows how education progresses over time. In the center of the slide is a timeline marking the years 2024-2030. Along the timeline, there are circles for each year from 2024 to 2030. You can write about the particular details of each year in these circles.

To make it easier to understand, there are small icons. These icons help to visually represent what happened each year, whether it’s a year of studying hard or achieving something big.

The background is light, with shadows behind the circles to make them look 3D. This timeline ppt is made for teachers, students, or anyone in the education sector who wants to show how learning has evolved over time. You can use it in class, for presentations, or when planning new education projects.

With its animation, the Animated Education Timeline Template makes it interesting to show how education progresses. Whether you’re talking about a student’s journey or planning new education programs, this template makes it easy to explain.

This Animated PowerPoint template is a simple and nice way to show how education moves forward. You can change things to fit your needs, making it great for teachers and education professionals.

Features of this PowerPoint Template And Google Slides Theme:

  • 100% editable with easy-to-use features.
  • Contains 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio suitable for all types of screens.
  • Includes icons, images, graphics, and infographics to capture audience’s attention.
  • Compatible with both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.