Product Description:

Animated Curved Timeline Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

The Animated Curved Timeline Template presents an animated curved timeline for showing a journey or progression over time. The template features a curved road set against the backdrop of a world map. The road is marked with a dashed line, and various location pins represent a particular event or milestone. Below the pin, there’s a text box with placeholder text, which can be edited to describe more details related to the event or milestone.

This Animated PowerPoint template is perfect for representing the growth of projects or events.  Additionally, the animated nature of the template adds an amazing element to the presentation. Additional slides in this Animated Curved Timeline Template complete the road and suggest that this timeline is part of a larger presentation unfolding over multiple stages or points. 

The animated, curved PowerPoint timeline template offers a simple way to show the progression of projects or events on a global scale. Its interactive nature and multi-slide format make it suitable for presentations requiring an engaging display of timelines.