Product Description:

The Beam Series E Pitch Deck for PowerPoint is a neat, clean, and easy-to-understand presentation template that relies on negative space to guide the audience’s attention toward the content. The template uses visuals to break away from other pitch deck styles and stand out. A Series E pitch deck is used for the sixth round of investments, which is especially vital for attracting potential investors. 

The template mostly uses white backgrounds and striking blue accents to make it visually appealing and engaging with the audience. The use of shades of blue and minimalistic details helps retain the audience’s attention and reduces distractions. The professional PowerPoint templates feature images, icons, shapes, graphs, maps, and tables to depict information and data rather than plain text-reliant slides. This technique has become more heavily used to cater to the audience and keep them involved. 

This PowerPoint pitch deck template can be used by businesses that have launched their product or service and are further developing it. A pitch deck of this type is often used to present market, competitor, and product research and requires multiple data depiction elements. The elements can be edited and customized to match the brand’s tone and cater to the user’s requirements and preferences.