Product Description:

The Business Background PowerPoint Template can be used for a variety of presentations. This deck has ten slides with the same color scheme of blue and orange. Each slide has a subtitle bar, space for a brief of the slide, page number and a place for the company name. This type of template can be used for business plans, project proposals, meetings and reports. 

The introductory slide consists of a Slide backgrounds image of a hand fixing a motherboard. The following few slides include the team introduction and their contact details, the global services the company provides that are shown with the help of a map, the team skills and their ratings. Other slides include graphs and timeline diagrams to show the development or downfall of the company as well as its plan or reports. The last slide is a thank you slide that addresses the audience. 

This background cool wallpaper can be used by entrepreneurs, business consultants, marketing and sales professionals and financial professionals. These templates can be customized according to the requirements. Additionally, it is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.