• Business Roadmap PowerPoint Template 27

Designed uniquely, this business roadmap powerpoint template is exactly what you need if you are looking for creative slides that are also easy to understand. As the name goes, this roadmap slide is meant for your business presentations to creatively demonstrate timely factors or milestones faced to achieve a goal. You can also use this template to introduce the team to a fresh work plan for a new project. This template makes sure clarity of expression is high in priority, using the graphics of a road to clearly demarcate that you mean business. This roadmap template logically places the waypoint pins one after the other at increasing distances, making sure that the audience can follow the order of the steps to be taken or milestones to be reached. The closer waypoints mean aspects that require immediate attention or targets to be completed on priority or goals needed to be achieved sooner than the others. The textual placeholder allows a short description to be added to make things clear. The color scheme used can also be extended to further slides later on in the presentation, to make everything look effortlessly connected. Browse our extensive collection of Roadmap PowerPoint templates, easy to edit and fully customizable according to your needs.

You can check out our blog on Roadmap Templates for creative examples to use in a variety of situations.

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