3D Shapes

Use our highly creative and stunning designs of 3D shapes and 3D designs for creating effective business presentations. Our collection of 3D objects helps in livening up your PowerPoint presentations with visually appealing graphics highlighting your text. These 3D figures are not only 100% editable, but also they are highly customizable. You can change the shape, size, color, etc., of these creative diagrams according to your business needs and requirements. Our extensive library of PowerPoint templates with these 3D designs can be used for showcasing business and marketing strategies, sales strategies, different kinds of processes involving various stages, business analysis, and a lot more. Such 3D designs are very beneficial for business, sales, and marketing professionals.

You can browse through our collection of Best PowerPoint Templates to get access to a wide variety of templates and also check out our blog on PowerPoint shapes to learn the process of creating one in Microsoft PowerPoint.


What Is A 3D Template?

A 3D Template is a creatively designed template that consists of 3D graphics such as - 3D shapes, 3D figures, etc, bright colors and uses innovative 3D animation making a presentation compelling. A 3D template for PowerPoint is the most preferred tool by business professionals to liven up their dull presentations.

Why Use 3D Templates?

3D templates for PowerPoint have brought the evolution in the presentation world. They are proven to be highly effective in illustrating business ideas or key highlights in an engaging manner. To summarize, 3D Templates can be used to:

  • Create an impact on the audience
  • Convert boring textual data into interesting infographics
  • Highlight key facts or information of the presentation
  • Compress lengthy information in a slide using visually engaging 3D graphics