Product Description:

The Project Management Stages Presentation templates are designed to present the different phases of project management in a visually engaging manner. The stages essential in project management are stated in this set of presentation templates. There are seven professional PowerPoint templates in this set. It has a color scheme of green, yellow, and blue. 

This set starts with a cover slide that displays the name of the presentations. It is then followed by an introductory slide stating three parts. The next slide has a flow chart with two gateways. The set-up stage, design stage, delivery stage, and closedown stage are shown in the slides thereafter. All of these stages have different steps mentioned systematically. 

This Project management PowerPoint Template is ideal for project managers and team leaders, stakeholders and clients, HR teams, IT and software development teams, operations and manufacturing teams, and marketing and sales teams. All the elements of these templates can be customized to match the requirements. Additionally, it is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.