Roadmap PowerPoint Templates

Roadmap PowerPoint Templates are a graphical representation of what actions are needed to help your business achieve its goals for success. It dictates a path to the people in your organization by showing everyone how their everyday activities fit with the company’s vision of where it wants to be in the future. Roadmap Templates can help you effectively showcase your strategic roadmap to your colleagues and senior management.
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What Is A Roadmap Strategy Template?

A Strategic Roadmap Template is a time-bound planning tool that is used to organize and visually represent important information and business plans. To achieve the key goals, roadmap presentation templates are commonly used by business organizations to define what changes or action steps must take place, and why those changes or action steps are needed.

Why Do We Need Roadmap Templates?

A Roadmap Template is an important business strategy planner that helps to showcase an overview of a strategic business plan using graphs, charts or other illustrative means. We need Roadmap Templates to showcase:

  • Effective business planning
  • Investments, business steps and analysis with the company's goals and plans
  • Gaps between product vision and technology plans
  • Competitive and practical key objectives and next steps
  • Communicate business, technology, and product projects

What Are The Different Types Of Roadmap Templates?

Different types of Roadmap Templates:

  • Customer Journey Roadmap is a roadmap that documents a consumer's experience from their first interaction with a brand until they become a customer of the same brand or company.
  • Marketing Roadmap is a visual way to showcase and present your marketing plans that have a particular purpose depending on the target audience and demographics.
  • HR Roadmap is a roadmap commonly used by recruiters and human resources departments to create recruitment plans and map HR strategy actions-plans.
  • Project Roadmap is an illustrative, high-level outline of a project's key goals and deliverables exhibited on a timeline.
  • Product Roadmap is a visual summary that outlines the vision, direction, and progress of your product or service over time. A product roadmap communicates briefly about components such as - product vision, goals, initiatives, releases, time and status.

What Is The Difference Between Roadmap And Strategy?

The strategy provides the direction you will take to achieve your goals to fulfill your vision. It aligns the entire company around what you want to achieve and serves as a guidebook for how to turn your goals into reality. In comparison, a roadmap is a visualization of your strategic plan. It visually captures the activities you will complete within a given time frame. It is a visual guide book that defines the work that is required for the team to be its best.

Why Is Product Roadmap Important?

A product roadmap is carefully crafted by strategic planning. It documents both the executive strategy and the goals of a product. The product road mapping chart developed for executives will focus on the high-level details on functions and features and how product milestones fit the overall business goals and metrics. If the product roadmap is designed for external stakeholders like customers or investors, it should provide details of new features of the product to get them interested. It also helps build consensus and alignment amongst all the stakeholders to achieve broader business goals.

What Are The Key Elements Of A Roadmap Plan?

Here are the four key elements for any roadmap plan-

  • Clear and measurable goals - Product goals should be clear and measurable that should be aligned with your company's objectives. And goals should be easy to understand, measure, and achieve.
  • Collaboration and communication - The strength of your product roadmap lies in your collaboration and communication plan. Every product or project requires contribution from different team members to be successful.
  • Align with corporate objectives - Corporate objectives are the efforts that your organization has agreed to make to achieve a specific goal. It should be with vision and should align with a higher corporate objective.
  • Built-in learning time - A product or project team should take time to understand their key audiences and hear their needs. Sound research and requirement analysis will benefit your product and your end-user satisfaction. It will also help you in making decisions based on a proper understanding.

How Do You Create A Roadmap In Powerpoint?

Here are the steps to create a roadmap on PowerPoint

  • Insert a Trapezoid shape from the Shapes menu.
  • Fill the Trapezoid with the color grey. Right-click on the shape> Outline> No Outline> Fill> Grey.
  • Draw lines on both sides of the Trapezoid. Go to Shapes> Lines> Line.
  • Change the color of the lines Right-click on the line. Click Outline> pick the color given in the Trapezoid by selecting Eyedropper. Repeat this step with the second line also.
  • To make it look like a road, draw a dotted line in the center of the Trapezoid. Shapes> Lines> Line. Then customize this line. Right click> Format Shape> Line> Solid Line> Pick White Color.
  • Insert a rectangle shape from the Shape menu.
  • Right-click on the rectangle. Remove the Outline and fill it with the light grey color.