Product Description:

A process flow is a series of steps you and your team go through to achieve your goal. This flow can be presented visually with the help of the Flowchart Design PPT Template. It is ideal for organizing and illustrating steps in a task, plan or process. This template leads viewers through the journey, from beginning to end, with the help of boxes and arrows. 

It features soothing shades of blue and gray, with the title Flowchart displayed at the top. The title boxes are paired with icons for additional details. These are used to show the relevance of the title to the work process. The boxes are connected to each other with the help of lines and arrows to indicate the sequence.

This flow chart template PowerPoint is beneficial for individuals in settings such as work, school or any planning endeavor. It simplifies explaining processes in a manner and illustrates steps or decision making procedures related to work tasks, projects or learning activities. You can fill out information on this template while ensuring that the language used is accessible and clear for all users and presenting a professional slideshow. Customizing this slide to suit your needs or reflect your style. Furthermore, it is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.