Product Description:

A risk management process flowchart is a diagram that outlines the steps involved in the process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks. The process flowchart template has a header that can be edited according to the title or topic. There is a circle at the top with a red border that is labeled as Top Event. It then leads to a box below that is labeled as Hazard. The branches from the circle lead to two on the left and right sides, with five boxes on each side. 

There are preventive barriers on the left, a preventive barrier is in between the cause and a loss event thus, it leads to Threats, which are mentioned in blue boxes at the bottom. There are recovery barriers on the right, a safeguard that stops the scenario before the consequence occurs or reduces the consequence severity, which in turn leads to consequences that are mentioned in red boxes. One of these preventive and recovery barriers leads to EF barriers, which further leads to escalation factors, as mentioned in the yellow boxes. 

The boxes can be filled with the names of the barriers and reasons leading to Threats, consequences and escalation factors. Customize this template according to the data and requirements. This professional slide template is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.