Product Description:

The Process Flow PowerPoint Template is crafted to describe the stages of a process or workflow. This template is perfect for simplifying sequences. It serves as a strong tool for visual learning and communication. It is designed to be presented across various domains like corporate settings, educational institutions or training environments.

Above the flow pattern, text placeholders provide opportunities to introduce the subject matter and study the specifics. It exhibits a series of interconnected shapes. Each circle denotes a distinct phase of a process interconnected in a linear progression from left to right. The calming color palette consisting of white and shades of blue conveys an ambiance making it an excellent fit for Google Slides templates professional. Within each circle lies an icon representing an aspect of the process. It also includes adjacent space facilitating easy insertion of descriptive text above and below the circles. These icons include a bulb, thinking cloud, gear, chain, and paper plane. It serves as a means to illustrate sequences of actions and explain procedures. 

You can customize this template as per the company’s aesthetics. It works seamlessly with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, offering flexibility. This PowerPoint flow chart template is visually appealing and can help the audience grasp the information quickly.