Product Description:

The Process Flow PowerPoint Template is created to illustrate the progression of activities from beginning to end. It features a visual representation depicting the stages of a process. This template proves beneficial for purposes by demonstrating how a system operates or in business settings when elucidating project progression or idea implementation.

The flow chart template PowerPoint has a header that can be modified according to the topic. The flow chart is divided into five parts. The template includes an arrow moving from the left side denoted as INPUT to the right side labeled as OUTPUT. The flow narrows gradually indicating the converging of steps or components within the process. You can modify the labels in the text bar overviewing the flow. The text boxes in the division can be elaborate on each segment of the process. 

Its user friendly interface allows for customization. You can customize the desirable context in the placeholders for professional PowerPoint presentations. It serves as a tool for individuals seeking to present process steps in a clear manner. This template is customizable to suit your preferences and it is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.