Product Description:

Product Roadmap Templates Collection for PowerPoint & Google Slides

The Product roadmap PowerPoint template is a product management template that helps professionals showcase their specific product phases in a clear and structured format. With this template, you can visualize and communicate your product development strategies and plans effectively. 

Product managers can utilize this to showcase various product stages, such as pre-launch, launch, growth, and maturation. This is a collection of 20+ powerful Roadmap Slides, each with a unique design. It offers various sets of time-based templates, including yearly, quarterly, and monthly options, allowing you to showcase your product stages within a specific timeframe. 

This collection consists of:

1. Phase-based templates: templates where you can showcase your project journey in phases. 

2. Now-Next-Later templates: templates where you can categorize your product features into three time frames. In the now section, you can showcase the must-have feature; in the next section, the product features you think are a priority but are not must-have; and lastly, in the later section, the features that are good to have in the future.

3. Release-based templates: Here, you can showcase your product roadmap highlights in a release format, such as release 1, release 2, release 3, and so on.

These templates incorporate unique colors like orange and blue, which give them a minimalistic and modern look. You can easily customize the icons, fonts, backgrounds, and text boxes according to your presentation needs. Additionally, it is compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides.