Product Description:

The Sky Blue Green PowerPoint Background has eye-catching templates with simple yet captivating designs. The template follows the color scheme of sky blue and green. There are seven different layouts in this set of background themes. It can be used for multiple purposes. Businesses can use it to introduce themselves and explain their project approach; agencies and consultancies can highlight their service areas and demonstrate their capabilities; project managers can present a clear road map for better working. 

The structure of the PowerPoint background images attracts the viewers with their systematically titled slides. The introductory slide states the title and the subtitle and the agenda ensures clarity of the entire presentation. The About Us slide introduces the team members, the departments involved or company data. Services can explain the new focus or goal of the offered program with the help of a circle divided into four, along with arrows, icons, and placeholders. The project process allows the users to outline the steps that have to be taken to achieve the goal. Lastly, the vision starts the desired outcome with the help of icons and images. 

The slideshow ends with a thank you slide showing professionalism. All the elements of this presentation template are customizable. The good backgrounds for Google Slides are compatible not only with Google Slides but also with PowerPoint.