Product Description:

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 50

Our SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template 50 is the perfect tool for professionals to pick out their business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Doing so allows them to identify gaps in their organization or project and chances to grow and improve in the future. When it comes to SWOT, the factors included can be classified on the basis of their nature and whether or not its within the business or professional’s control. 

One of the best free Google Slides templates, this divides these four factors into two rows – Internal and External, clearly depicting their distinction. Each row consists of two header boxes, with a vertical dotted line establishing the end of the description box underneath. The use of contrasting colors, with a warmer shade for internal factors and a cooler shade for external ones, creates a contrast aiding in differentiation between the two. 

The template’s sleek and modern design will give your slide a professional look, increasing your credibility. The structure of the layout helps present complex data in an easy-to-understand manner. The use of color coding and bold formats allows the audience to focus on each element of the SWOT analysis one by one. 

You can use this template to create and present your SWOT Analysis slide for planning strategies, analyzing businesses, and even as an educational tool. It helps you assess the positives and negatives of any particular business or project in order to create a plan of action. Since this template is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, it offers a seamless experience for the user. 100% customization allows the user to adjust elements like the font, color, and shapes to match their needs.