Product Description:

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 6

This SWOT Analysis PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 6 acts as a great tool to present findings on the internal and external attributes of a business or project. The labeled circular shape at the center of the slide acts as the hub, highlighting the interconnectedness of each section. SWOT analysis consists of four separate sections – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. These are shown on the slide as hexagons and can be identified by a circular containing the section name’s initial. 

SWOT analysis is primarily used by businesses and professionals to identify and analyze positive and negative features of a particular business or project, along with any chances for growth or potential dangers outside of it. It can help a business spot any internal and external gaps that allow it to advance and improve itself. Apart from business-related uses, professionals can also use it to plan their personal development. 

Through the use of a monochromatic color theme, the pre-designed template adds harmony to the presentation. The use of hexagons for each section makes it easier to organize and present the information in a clear manner while facilitating focused discussions for each section of the analysis through the use of hexagons. The drop shadows behind each hexagon add depth to the slide, making the key elements of the presentation stand out. 

SlideUpLift’s PowerPoint templates online are 100% customizable, allowing you to make changes to the color theme and font to suit your needs. The template is also compatible with Google Slides, making it the best choice for SWOT analysis slide, regardless of which tool you’re using to create them.