Product Description:

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 47

Our SWOT Analysis PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 47 is perfect for presenting findings highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for a particular business or project. You can use it to improve the business, analyze the market, track the performance of projects, or even assess the risk of a new initiative. 

One of the best PowerPoint templates, it has a detailed yet straightforward design, featuring a pyramid diagram. The pyramid is divided into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats sections, each marked by a percentage indicating its impact and significance. This simple detail helps the audience better understand how much focus might be allocated to each section of the SWOT analysis

To the left of the pyramid, you’ll find text boxes that are connected to the corresponding sections of the pyramid. Each text box is accompanied by an icon that acts as a visual cue for the audience – a swimming icon for strengths to highlight the business or individual’s features that help it stay afloat, a downward trend in graph icon for weaknesses denoting an area that might be performing poorly, a lightbulb icon for opportunities to symbolize innovation and ideas for growth, and a robot icon for threats to denote technological advancements that might be a sign of potential dangers.

At the top of the slide, there’s a placeholder for the presentation title. The pyramid is in greyscale, giving it a professional appearance. However, the Strengths section has been highlighted with the use of a vibrant orange to highlight its importance. As the SWOT analysis template Google Slides is entirely customizable, you can change this as well as the color and font as per your preferences and needs.