Customer Testimonials Templates

For any marketing or sales presentation, Customer Testimonials are a must. Customer testimonials are a crucial tool in any given industry. They are recommendations or feedback from satisfied customers about your business’s product or service’s quality, performance, and value. Client feedback also helps in customer retention. Testimonials are just like a word of mouth advertising, and it gives confidence about your product or service. Using our client testimonials, you can build your brand’s required trust for a successful business. These client feedback templates help stakeholders strengthen their decision about your business. A testimonial elevates your business credibility and ensures the customers about the quality and performance of your business. If you want to build trust for your brand in the market, then detail what your customers and clients have to say about your company in the next presentation with our visually appealing customer testimonial templates. You can also download google slides templates to make your presentations in record time.


What is a client testimonial?

Client testimonials are recommendations or feedback from satisfied customers about your business's product or service's quality, performance, and value. These testimonials can either be paid, or most of the time given by happy customers, voluntarily, or upon a company's request.

How do you write a client testimonial?

To write a client testimonial:
  • First, you need to do a customer outreach to identify who would be interested in providing you with the feedback and the testimonials. Typically, talk to those customers, with whom who have developed a strong relationship over the past years.
  • Along with the client’s testimonial, mention specific information about your customers, like their name and profession so that your prospective clients can understand the background of your existing customers.
  • Request your customers to keep your testimonials and feedback short. Do not make it long and monotonous.
  • Make your client testimonials as authentic as possible.
  • Lastly, your testimonials should be visually engaging.

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