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A fishbone diagram template in PowerPoint presentation is ideal for conducting and presenting a root cause analysis. This diagram is widely used for solving the core problem alongside the popular 5-WHYs analysis. SlideUpLift’s editable fishbone diagram template in PowerPoint presentations is a perfect fit for professionals to make complex analysis more engaging. 

Moreover, our editable fishbone diagram PowerPoint template collection has cohesive layouts, designs, and themes, perfect for all business presentations. These thoughtfully designed templates systematically arrange different categories connecting them to the central issue in a fishbone-shaped structure. Save time and browse our vast pre-designed collection of fishbone diagram templates in PowerPoint (PPT) and Google Slides now!


Fishbone Diagram Template for PowerPoint & Google Slides:

A fishbone diagram PowerPoint template enables you to navigate the details of any issue and drive effective solutions. Whether in business, healthcare, manufacturing, or other industries, a fishbone diagram in PowerPoint aids in organizing problems and facilitating collaborative ideas. It resembles a fish skeleton with a central spine (the main problem or effect) and branches (the causes) spreading like bones. Our collection of fishbone diagram templates in PowerPoint and Google Slides can help you quickly analyze comprehensive insights.

What is a root cause analysis fishbone diagram PowerPoint (PPT) template?

 A root cause analysis fishbone diagram PPT template is a pre-designed slide within a PowerPoint presentation that enables the creation of a fishbone diagram for conducting root cause analysis. It is tailored to help users visually organize and analyze the underlying causes of a particular issue.

What should be included in the fishbone diagram PPT template?

 A fishbone diagram template in PPT should include the following: 

  • Main problem statement and its effects
  • Categories of the analysis 
  • Causes of the potential problem 
  • Solutions/strategies

On what analysis the fishbone diagram PowerPoint template is based?

The fishbone diagram is based on the Ishikawa diagram or cause-and-effect diagram analysis. The same is reflected in the fishbone diagram PowerPoint template.

How to make a fishbone PowerPoint template?

 To make a fishbone analysis PowerPoint (PPT) template, follow the steps below:

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation and create a new slide. 
  • Insert a rectangle shape to make the fishbone’s main spine by going to the “Insert” option, select “Shapes” to click on “rectangle.” 
  • Draw a vertical rectangle to represent the spine in the middle of the slide.
  • Add branches by clicking the “Insert”>”Shapes” and selecting a line.
  • Add text boxes for the categories and causes. Do it by clicking “Insert” > “Text Box.”

When can I use a fishbone diagram PowerPoint template?

 A fishbone diagram PowerPoint template can be used in the following scenarios:

Can I download a free fishbone diagram template in PowerPoint (PPT)?

Yes, you can download a free fishbone diagram template in PowerPoint (PPT) from SlideUpLift. We provide clear and impactful pre-designed fishbone diagram PowerPoint templates enabling you to effectively solve a particular issue and drive better decision-making. You can also use them as fishbone diagram templates in Google Slides.

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