Marketing Calendar Templates

Execute all your marketing campaigns successfully with SlideUpLift’s exclusive marketing calendar PowerPoint templates. Stay on top of your competitors by efficiently planning your marketing activities throughout the year. We offer PowerPoint templates for marketing calendars with user-friendly interface that allows you to customize and personalize every element, making it uniquely yours.

Our marketing calendar PPT template caters to all the aspects of marketing including planning marketing timelines, social media planning, digital marketing strategy and more. Don’t miss out on deadlines even if you are managing multiple marketing campaigns. Explore and download our marketing calendars in Google Slides and PowerPoint, and let your marketing efforts thrive!


The marketing calendar PowerPoint template is your ultimate tool for strategic planning and execution. These templates empower you to easily take charge of achieving your marketing goals.

With its sleek design, the marketing calendar presentation template ensures you present your marketing plans professionally. This collection helps you avoid chaos by maintaining clear timelines and deadlines. Check out our marketing calendar templates in Google Slides and PowerPoint to leave a lasting impression in your next marketing presentation.

What Is A Marketing Calendar PPT Template?

A marketing calendar presentation template is a framework made for marketing teams to plan and schedule all of the marketing activities for the foreseeable future. A marketing calendar can be made for an entire quarter or year or just a month/week.

What Are The Uses Of a Marketing Calendar Template Collection?

The PowerPoint templates for marketing calendar keeps you in control of your marketing endeavors. This collection helps to make data-driven decisions by incorporating performance metrics and KPIs into your calendar. You can use these marketing calendar PPT templates in product launches, product roadmaps, social media promotions, marketing dashboards, campaign launches, deadlines, and every step of the marketing journey. It also helps to monitor progress, analyze results, and adapt to new digital marketing strategies accordingly.

Who Can Use The Marketing Calendar?

Professionals can use the marketing calendar presentation template across industries including:

How does the marketing calendar help in tracking campaign performance? 

The marketing calendar PPT template includes pre-designed sections for adding performance metrics and KPIs. By integrating data-driven visuals to your calendar, you can easily track and regulate the marketing campaigns.

How To Create And Execute A Successful Marketing Plan?

To create a successful plan in PowerPoint and Google Slides presentation focused on Marketing, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Conduct a market analysis using comprehensive market research tools.
  2. Create a marketing calendar prioritizing your marketing objectives and goals.  
  3. Make slides focusing on developing marketing plans and strategies.
  4. Create a marketing roadmap along with timelines.
  5. Conduct regular monitoring by making marketing dashboards, performance reviews and surveys

Can I edit the elements in a marketing calendar presentation template? 

Yes, you can easily edit the marketing calendar PPT template. These templates are fully editable or customizable to suit any business scenario. In addition, you can also modify the elements in the marketing calendar PowerPoint templates including marketing icons, font, colors, image, etc. summarize your message conveniently.

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