Net Promoter Score Templates

NPS is used as a business growth predictor. Net promoter score measures customer experience, customer loyalty, and satisfaction. NPS score is the customers’ willingness to recommend your company, product, or service to others.  The NPS calculation depends on answering the NPS question by scoring it on a scale of 0-10. When your business’s net promoter score is high, it means your business has a healthy relationship with customers, and they help you generate a positive growth cycle. The net promoter matrix is mostly used by marketing and sales professionals to analyze customer satisfaction and promotional score. Net promoter surveys help you to discover what your customers think and say about your company. Using our net promoter PowerPoint templates, you can quantify customer loyalty and collect qualitative feedback to help you improve your customer experience.  Check out our extensive Customer Journey Map Templates and Slides Templates library to showcase your customer journey in a business presentation. Also, read out the blog to know more about the easy ways of creating a Customer Journey Template.