RAG Status Templates

RAG status stands for Red, Amber, and Green in project management. It is a system used to indicate the performance of a project. The colors are used to signify a scale to show if a project is working well or not. So, RAG status is a standard industry shorthand when it comes to project management. To showcase your company’s RAG project status, it’s important to use templates that highlight your RAG status report, your project KPIs, project scope, risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies.  Project managers can use our RAG project status templates to show the status of a particular project, including ongoing, completed, and planned projects. Choose from our vast collection of templates that can cater to all your project management requirements. Make use of our PowerPoint presentation templates to showcase your company’s KPIs, risks, assumptions, and much more.



What is the definition of RAG status?

RAG status is a system used to indicate the progress and performance of a project, using the traffic light system to mark projects as either Red, Amber, or Green. RAG Status is typically used by Project Managers to showcase the status of various project activities to the stakeholders. For a timely execution of projects, it is important to keep track of all the planned activities and communicate the risks, challenges, and roadblocks to the stakeholders. RAG Status helps in communicating and presenting this information to everyone involved in a concise and practical manner, using the traffic light system of Red, Amber, and Green.

What is a Red Status project?

A Red status project is a project that's not going well, is beyond the budget scope, and is facing problems.

What is an Amber Status project?

An Amber status project is one that may require extra attention as there exists a possibility of issues arising if not carefully managed.

What is a Green Status project?

A Green status project is one that is going well, within budget and is progressing according to plan.

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