Sprint Plan Roadmap

The sprint planning roadmap is delivery-focused and used by project managers to align the upcoming work required to complete the development and deliverables. Delivery can be planned over multiple sprints and allows a team to monitor their tasks. It is a highly customizable roadmap, with the ability to add in swimlanes for additional context. Sprint is part of Scrum’s framework structure used to define the period of work. Sprint roadmap can help to keep cross-functional teams synchronized. Sprint is an iteration or a time box that lasts from 1 week to 1 month and is repeated continuously over a project’s life. Sprint roadmap allows self-monitoring and accountability across the development team. Using these customizable sprint planning templates, you can build a more effective agile roadmap by prioritizing the features to develop next. Sprint templates for powerpoint are perfect for setting out the short-term plans of one specific project. Our sprint planning templates are fully customizable to fit specific project requirements with ease. 

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