VALS Framework PowerPoint Templates & Slides

The VALS framework is a marketing strategy that many businesses adopt. It aids in creating appealing products and services for customers. VALS stands for Values and Lifestyles. You can use VALS Framework PowerPoint Templates for forecasting consumer behavior in marketing presentations. It is a research approach intended for market segmentation based on human characteristics. The business can understand consumption depending on lifestyle by using the VALS methodologies in a consumer survey or product development. These VALS infographics ppt slides showcase the target audience divided into eight lifestyle categories, with each type acting in a unique way. The 8 types of lifestyles are Innovators, thinkers, achievers, believers, strivers, experiencers, makers, and survivors. These templates are fully customizable and compatible with Google Slides & PowerPoint. Download these editable VALS framework templates to create engaging marketing presentations. Also, check out our collection of presentation templates and Google Slides Templates for all your presentation needs.