Welcome Slides

So what do you think is the real use of welcome slides in a presentation? No, it’s not just an attractive formality at the start of the presentation. Indeed, a well-designed welcome template can prove to be highly beneficial for your business and help you achieve your desired call to action. So, welcome PowerPoint slides should be attractive and concise to grab the audience’s attention, which ultimately helps you achieve your desired call-to-action. A welcome slide for PowerPoint should be concise, visually engaging, and greet all with a positive vibe, further helping you create a good first impression. So now that you know about its use, you can give SlideUpLift’s vast collection of editable creative welcome slides a try to provide a more meaningful and fruitful end to your presentations. 

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How do you welcome someone to a presentation?

  • Present a warm welcome to your audience and introduce yourself.
  • Keep your introduction simple and easy to understand.
  • Keep a polite tone while welcoming your audiences.
  • Capture their attention maybe with a compelling short story or a quote or a catchphrase.
  • Give a clear picture to your audience about the topic of the presentation.

What do you write in your first slide presentation? (welcome slide)

The first slide should always consist of the title of the presentation and your full name. This first slide should include a compelling story, a quirky catchphrase, or just a few personal interests and experiences to grab the audience’s attention.

What is an introduction slide?

An introduction slide helps individuals grab the audience's attention and inform them about their skills, capabilities, and experiences. These PowerPoint slides can help you showcase your background and abilities and assure your audience that you have all the necessary skills and resources to offer a solution to their problems.

How do you write a good introduction slide?

  • First, introduce yourself by telling your name, job title, experience, etc.
  • Tell your audience what topic you’re going to be talking about in a succinct, organized way so that they don’t get confused.
  • Your audience needs to know that what you’re presenting to them is important and valuable. Consider showcasing data or statistics to help deliver the importance of your message.
  • Before starting the slide presentation, narrate a short story to engage your audience.
  • You can also share a thought-provoking fact about your presentation’s relevance instead of a story.
  • If you don’t plan to make a bold statement or tell a story, ask your audience to participate by engaging them in some questions and answers.

How do you start an introduction?

Your introduction’s ultimate goal is to let your audience know what he or she can expect from your presentation.

  • Always open with a ‘hook’ statement or a compelling short story to catch your audience’s attention.
  • After your “hook” statement, write a sentence or two about your presentation’s specific focus, like what is your topic about? Why is this topic important? This part of the introduction can include background information on your topic that helps to establish its content.
  • Finally, talk about your specific topic and the points of discussion you will include in your presentation