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How to Add Speaker Notes in Google Slides?

Speaker notes ease your job as a presenter while presenting. These notes act as your guide while you present in front of your audience. Many professionals know how to add speaker notes in Google Slides, but very few know how to use these speaker notes while presenting. Read more to know how to insert and use speaker notes in Google Slides presentations.

A presentation is a smart way to represent what is on your mind in a work environment. It helps in showcasing your idea logically. But to tell a compelling story, you must ensure what to speak and avoid during a presentation. A proper flow and pointers can persuade your fellow staff or your clients in a better way. It is where speaker notes come to rescue. 

Speaker notes are valuable tools that make your presentations efficient. You can highlight concepts you want to discuss in each slide, only visible to you. The highlighted notes are seen on the presenter’s screen. By adding them, you can remember vital pointers for the presentation. Adding speaker notes in Google Slides is similar to adding speaker notes in PowerPoint

Lets understand more on speaker notes, their usage, and how to add speaker notes in Google Slides to present slides effectively.

How to Add Speaker Notes in Google Slides? 

Speaker notes provide input data to the presenter and hence are different for each slide. So you have to add them on each slide individually. These notes will save you time by avoiding any clutter and encourage that only specific and necessary data is discussed in your presentation. Follow the steps below to add notes in Google Slides:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation in which you want to add speaker notes. 
  2. A text field with a message will be at the bottom of your screen. The message box states, “Click to add speaker notes.” Writing your speaker notes in this message box will remain only visible to you, not the audience.
  3. If the message box is not visible, click on “View” >  “Show Speaker Notes”.
  4. Now, the message box will appear. Write your notes in this message box. 
How to Add Speaker Notes in Google Slides

How to Add Speaker Notes in Google Slides


Once you have added speaker notes in Google Slides, it’s important that you know how to use these speaker notes efficiently while presenting.

How to Use Presenter View With Speaker Notes?

To see the speaker notes, you need two screens during your presentation. One screen is for slide presentation, which is visible to the audience, and the other is for notes, which is not visible to the audience. During the presentation, the presenter will show the slides on a large screen and read the speaker’s notes from the second screen. This screen is for the presenter only.

The presenter can avoid crowding data and access notes for adequate representation by using these screens and speaker notes in the presentation. Here are the steps that explain how to add presenter notes in Google Slides;

  1. To view your speaker notes during a presentation, open your Google Slides presentation where you have added speaker notes.
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow, which is next to the “Slideshow” button. This button is in the top right corner of the slide.
  3. Select the “Presenter View”. Your presentation will be open on fullscreen, and a new window will appear. 
How to Use Presenter View With Speaker Notes

How to Use Presenter View With Speaker Notes


This new window contains the following data:


With the help of a timer, the presenter can check how much time is left in the presentation and maintain a uniform speed between slides.

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Previous and Next

Clicking on this thumbnail will be helpful to change slides (move forward/backward) in a presentation. 


Sometimes, a presentation contains a certain flow chart or graph and requires an increase in size. By using the “+” and “-” buttons, you can zoom in and out of your slide.

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Audience Tools

This tool is helpful for a presentation in which the audience will ask a few questions. The Questions URL must be shared to use this tool. To stop receiving questions, turn off this option by clicking on the “Off button”.

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These simple steps allow you to add speaker notes and present your slides better. With these steps to write speaker notes in Google Slides, you can easily display your presentation without overloading it with data. These steps help provide specific and vital data for the presenter and help follow a structured approach to the presentation.

Now that you know how to add speaker notes in Google Slides presentation, get ready for your next presentation. Explore and pick a Google Slides theme from our collection. In case you need more help with Google Slides presentations, explore our Google Slides tutorials.


  1. Can the audience see the speaker's notes?

    No, speaker notes are only visible to the presenter and the audience only sees the presentation.

  2. Can the presenter edit speaker notes?

    Yes, the presenter can edit and modify speaker notes at any time. The presenter should edit the comment and save changes. You can also add a setting like “anyone with the link can edit” to ensure that other collaborators with access to the presentation can make changes if required.

  3. What is the main benefit of adding speaker notes to Google Slides presentation?

    The benefit of speaker notes is that they help the presenter remember critical points during a presentation. It also avoids overcrowding or missing important information during the presentation.

  4. How to add speaker notes in Google Slides?

    To add speaker notes, click on the comment on your Google side. You can edit or modify these comments later if you like.

  5. In which view can you edit speaker notes?

    Speaker notes are only visible from the Presenter’s view. That is why to edit speaker notes, and you must edit them on the Presenter view.

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