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How to Add and Edit Tables in Google Slides?

Tables are data presented or organized in rows and columns. They are used in every aspect of the business and adding a table and formatting it is one of the simplest ways to structure information. Learn how to make a table in Google Slides easily with our step-by-step guide.

In the business world, slide decks are all-pervasive. Google Slides is gaining rapid prominence as one of the most excellent tools for designing slide decks. Presenters frequently use tables to communicate data-related insights or even as a visualization tool. Tables can be used to showcase a variety of data. They are usually found in corporate budgets, sales reports, product inventories, restaurant menus, and other places. 

Tables are one of the most practical methods of presenting essential facts and numbers. As a result, it’s no surprise that they’ve become a design staple for business presentations. But how can you use tables to fulfill your unique requirements? This blog will help you understand how to add and edit tables in Google Slides and how to make a table in Google Slides. 

How to Add a Table in Google Slides?

Google Slides offers a feature to add tables to your presentations to showcase data visually appealingly. Here’s how to insert a table in Google Slides easily:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation to the slide where you want to add a table
  2. Go to “Insert” and then go to “Table” 
  3. Choose the number of rows and columns required for your presentations. 
  4. The table will appear on your slide. Now, you can add or delete the number of rows and columns from your table.

TIP: You can add your data directly in the boxes or copy and paste it from your Google Sheets.   

How to Edit a Table in Google Slides?

After you’ve added tables in Google Slides, editing it is easy. Follow these steps to edit the table in Google Slides:

  1. Open the slide where the table is added and select the table.
  2. Right-click, and a menu will appear. Choose any desired action to edit your table.
  3. Google Slides add row to table by selecting the “+ insert row above” or “+ insert row below”
  4. Google Slides add column to table by selecting the “+ insert column above” or “+ insert column below”
  5. You can also click and drag to reposition the table by clicking the corners of the table.

How to do Table Formatting in Google Slides?

Other settings, such as text formatting and color within the table, can be adjusted using the Formatting tools on the top menu. Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Open the slide where the table is added and select the table.
  2. Right-click on the table, and a task menu will appear. Navigate to “Format options” and click on it.
  3. To change the table size, click the “Size and rotation” section, then change the Width and Height values.
  4. To change the position of the table, click the Position section and change the X and Y values. Select the From value (either Top Left or Center) you’d prefer to use to guide you.
  5. To alter other text settings, such as text indentation, open the “Text fitting” section and change the listed values.
  6. To add a border to your table, click the “border weight” icon on the menu bar and select the size.
  7. Click the “border dash” icon and select the style to change the border dash styling.
  8. To change the table border color or fill color, select the “fill color” and “border color” icons.


TIP: You can also use the drop-down icon in the table cell to add individual borders to tables in Google Slides.

Tables help break down complex data. While tables are basic charts with columns and rows, they help showcase data in an easy-to-understand manner. They can be deployed for various purposes, ranging from content sorting to data comparison.

Tables need to be tamed so that they don’t appear too technical, too simple, or too difficult to understand. To overcome this scenario, you can utilize premade presentation templates by SlideUpLift. 

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  1. How to clear formatting in Google Slides table?

    When there are too many formatting elements added to the slide, and you wish to clear them, these steps will help you clear formatting in Google Slides: 

    Select the text with the formatting > Click “Format” > Select “Clear formatting”

  2. How do you change the theme of a table in Google Slides?

    To change the theme of a table in Google Slides, follow these steps:

    Open the slide > go to “Slide” > click on “Change theme” > change the theme as per your requirement.

  3. How do you split cells in a table in Google Slides?

    To split cells in a table in Google Slides, follow these steps: Right-click the cell > click “Split” cell > enter the number of rows and columns you want > and click “Split”.

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