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How to Lock an Image/Object In Google Slides?

Google Slides has come up with an advanced feature which lets you lock an image or object to prevent any alterations during collaboration or real-time editing. Take your presentation standards to the next level by learning how to lock an image and object in Google Slides.

Google Slides, an impactful cloud-based presentation software, often introduces new features and tools to enhance the slides. One such new feature has been recently added that can be used to lock images in Google Slides, also known as object locking. It allows presenters to maintain the intended style and layout of their presentations and the ability to lock images or other objects (text box, graphics, etc.) in their place. Object locking can protect text, pictures, and other design elements from unintentional alterations or revisions during collaborative editing.

The feature provides a dependable technique to ensure visual coherence and guarantee that your presentation effectively conveys your message. When you lock objects or images in Google Slides, you are making sure that they are not accidentally removed.

Google has made this feature super easy and quick to use in Google Slides presentations. In this blog, we offer a step-by-step guide to learn how to lock an image or object in Google Slides.

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How to Lock An Image or Object in Google Slides?

Locking any image or object is very convenient and easy for users. There are three ways through which you can lock images or objects or any other element in your Google Slides presentation. They are as follows:

  • Lock objects by grouping them.
  • Lock an image using them as a background.
  • Lock an object using Master Slide

How to Lock Multiple Objects in Google Slides by Grouping Them?

To lock objects, you can group elements in Google Slides presentations, so that they don’t move apart. The objects’ positions will be linked through grouping, which will cause them to move as a single unit. The elements can still be moved collectively, though.

To group multiple objects in Google Slides together, you have to:

  1. Launch your presentation in Google Slides and choose a slide that includes the objects you want to group.
  2. Once you are there, select the objects you wish to group and hold down the “Shift key.”
  3. Right click the selected objects , and select “Group.” You can also press “Ctrl+Alt+G” to group the selected objects. 
  4. If you wish to ungroup, right-click the objects and choose “Ungroup” to remove them from the group. Alternatively, you can also press “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G”
How to lock objects in Google Slides by grouping them

How to lock objects in Google Slides by grouping them

Now, you have locked multiple objects in your Google Slides presentation. You must remember that grouping the objects is only helpful if you don’t wish to make any changes to multiple objects/elements at the same time. 

Note: While locking, you must ensure you maintain the proper distance between objects so you can lock them into place.

How to Lock an Image in Google Slides by Using it as a Background?

Setting an image as a background in Google Slides is one of the simplest methods to lock it. It will enable you to include the image that will appear behind all of your other slide elements.

To lock a picture in Google Slides and set it as background, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your presentation in Google Slides. Select “Slide > Change Background”
  2. Click on “Choose Image” to upload an image from your PC, Google Drive, or the web. You can also make use of one of Google’s stock photos.
  3. Select a background for Google Slides as per your choice.
  4. Click “Insert” after choosing your image.
How to lock an image in Google Slides by using it as a background

How to lock an image in Google Slides by using it as a background

The image will be locked as your slide’s background.  

Note: Once added as a background, you will not be able to change the color or any element of the object. You can also choose to use solid colors from the “Change Background” option. Or you can import pre-made Google Slides themes in your presentation as an alternative.

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How to Lock an Object Using the Master Slide?

Utilizing the master slide is another method to lock an object in Google Slides. All of your other slides’ layouts and designs are managed by one unique slide. Any text, graphic, form, or object can be added and locked on the master slide. Once they appear on your master slide, they will continue to stay in place and appear on all subsequent slides in your presentation.

Follow these steps to know how to to lock objects or images using Master Slide in Google Slides:

  • Launch your presentation in Google Slides. Go to “Slide > Edit theme”.
  • Select “Duplicate Theme” by doing a right-click on any layout. It will duplicate the layout that you can edit. Make a copy of Google Slides theme.
  • Add any object you want to lock to the duplicate layout by pasting it there. You can also change its format, size, rotation, crop, and arrangement.
  • Click the “X” (cross) to finish changing your layout.
How to lock object in Google Slides using the Master Slide

How to lock object in Google Slides using the Master Slide

Your objects/images are now locked. Without making additional adjustments to the Master Slide, the objects cannot be moved or removed.

Learning how to lock objects/images in Google Slides presentation is a great way of making sure your graphical elements are not all over the place while editing. It also keeps your presentations steady and consistent. It prevents unintentional changes to items like text boxes, images, shapes, and more when collaborating with others. Using the steps above, you can lock objects in Google Slides and make your slides look more polished and organized. 

Now that you have learnt how to lock an image or object in Google Slides presentation, it’s time to put your skills to test and boast in front of your peers by exploring our vast gallery of Google Slides templates. If you wish to learn more of such tips and hacks to master the art of Google Slides presentation, check out our  Google Slides tutorials


  1. Will locked objects be visible during a presentation?

    Yes, locked objects remain visible during a presentation. Locking primarily prevents changes to the object’s attributes in a slide(s).

  2. How can content slides be locked?

    In Google Slides, a content can be locked. All you have to do is click the lock icon on the toolbar or hit the CTRL+SHIFT+L keyboard shortcut.

  3. How can Google Slides be secured from editing by others?

    To secure your Google Slides, follow these steps:

    • Click the “Share” button after opening the file in Google Slides.
    • Select Settings at the top.
    • Uncheck the box next to Editors to alter permissions (Viewer or Commentator).
    • Lastly, share with your peers.

  4. How do I unlock a locked object in Google Slides?

    Unlocking a locked object in Google Slides is simple. Select the locked object, open the context menu, and choose the appropriate “Unlock” option corresponding to the type of lock applied.

  5. Can I still edit locked objects after applying the lock?

    No, locking an object restricts any further modifications. If you need to make changes, you must first unlock the object.

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