Product Description:

Timeline Curved Arrow Template for MS PowerPoint & Google Slides

The Timeline Curved Arrow PowerPoint Template offers a creative way to represent timelines using a curved arrow. The arrow moves upward and to the right, showing progress over time.

Each year in the template is represented by a different-colored section on the arrow, such as red, yellow, green, and purple. The icons in the template are placed within each column to represent the main theme of that year. 

This PowerPoint and Google Slide Template is perfect for presentations displaying events or stages over time. It’s highly engaging, making it easier for the audience to understand and remember the information presented. Whether you’re presenting project timelines, historical events, or personal achievements, this Timeline Curved Arrow PowerPoint Template beautifully displays progression over time.

This PowerPoint timeline slide template is adaptable and suited to the needs of project managers, educators, business professionals, and researchers. Project managers can use it to show project timelines and milestones, while educators can engage students with interactive presentations of current events or research findings.