Product Description:

30 60 90 Day Plan for Internal Promotion Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides template contains a tabular representation of the key objectives and tasks during a 90-day period. From Day 1 to Day 90, this template lays out the development of a peer as they transition to become a manager. The process that leads to the expected results on the 90-day milestone is laid out and established with the help of the 30- and 60-day milestones.

The primary table in the professional 30 60 90 template PowerPoint is separated into two sections. On the left side of the table, three circular forms fill in for the 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day periods. They are ordered from top to bottom in ascending order. The color that appears on the template of these circles, which starts in a lighter shade of blue and ends in a much darker shade, represents the range of responsibilities and goals across the durations. Key Priorities is on the left side of the table, while Key Actions is on the right. These priorities and actions have space for a brief description that lays out the details of the same. On the right side of the table are the terms “Understand,” “Assess,” and “Implement,” which represent the steps an effective leader takes to settle any disputes.

This template can help transition an employee through a promotion to their new role, allowing them to ease into their responsibilities. They can use the template to set priorities and their corresponding actions to reduce the sense of overwhelm that follows the responsibilities of a new role. This 30-60 90 Plan template is fully customizable, compatible with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint, and allows users to alter the text, icons, colors, and font. Find professional PowerPoint templates free download on SlideUpLift.