Product Description:

The goals of the 30-60-90-Day Plans For Team Leaders enable leaders to set goals for existing employees over a period of three months. These objectives are set on a monthly basis and are set in a progressive sense, with respect to a project or a task, or the overall growth of the organization. A new set of goals and objectives are introduced every thirty days. Additionally, this technique can be used to transition employees into becoming team leaders.

This 30-60-90 template consists of a slide with a table on the left column that lists several categories of measurable objectives, primarily Learning Goals, Initiative Goals, Personal Goals, and Performance Goals. The table also lists the four main timeframes: Pre-Entry, First Month, Second Month, and Third Month. The table itself is gray; however, the categories and headings have a blue gradient as their template color. The arrow-shaped periods at the top of the table represent the change from one time to the next. The audience can easily transition into the organization by understanding their roles and duties, with brief explanations of each objective provided by the tabular format.

Team Leaders can use this professional PowerPoint template to set up short-term and long-term goals for existing employees, and can also be used by employees to become team leaders. Each template is 100% customizable, lets users change text, icons, colors, and font, and is accessible for Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.