Product Description:

The PowerPoint template titled 4Ps Marketing PowerPoint Template is created to educate viewers on the principles of marketing. This design highlights the 4Ps: Product, price, place, and promotion, the essential elements of any marketing strategy. The virtual representation of elements in this template helps the users illustrate how these four components interact and complement each other.

The template has a header that can be edited according to the title of the presentation. The central focus of the template is on a circular graphic labeled 4 Ps of Marketing. It has four bars, each representing one of the 4Ps. These bars are colored in gray and orange, distinguishing the aspects from each other. It includes a spacious text box in each corner for detailed explanations. The color scheme gives the marketing PPT templates a professional look suitable for business environments.

This template is ideal for professionals in marketing, educators teaching business courses as well as students looking to understand market analysis. It simplifies marketing theories into easy sections, making them easy for audiences to understand. It can be customized to meet your requirements. Furthermore, this design is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides. 

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