Product Description:

The 4Ps Marketing PowerPoint Template is a slide that displays the fundamental principles of marketing: Product, price, promotion, and placement. This template simplifies marketing tactics into four manageable components. It serves as an excellent resource for learning and instruction.

The background of this marketing PowerPoint template is a gray tone, providing a professional backdrop. It has a header that can be edited to match the presentation. The template features a structured layout with one horizontal arrow and elements encircling it, highlighting the interconnected nature of the 4Ps. Each shape is labeled with one of the 4Ps. The 4Ps can be described using the placeholders at the top and bottom of the arrow. 

Utilize this PowerPoint template to organize your presentation around the 4Ps of marketing information. Educators can efficiently convey the concept of the marketing mix. Business professionals can make use of this template to analyze or explain their marketing strategies to coworkers or stakeholders. Moreover, the layout is adaptable and compatible. It is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint as well as Google Slides.

The 2-day trial plan gives access to users to download and utilize the free Microsoft PowerPoint templates available in the trial library. This hand-picked collection can help the users to enhance their presentation.