Product Description:

The 4Ps Marketing PowerPoint Template is a visual aid perfect for professionals looking to present their marketing strategies. This template focuses on the Marketing Mix which is a business concept consisting of four key elements: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. 

The core circle in the template emphasizes the 4 Ps label, surrounded by interconnected rings. The text boxes placed on the right side of the marketing slides templates explain each element in detail. The design of the template features blue and gray colors. Users can add descriptions for each P to outline their product, price, place, and promotion strategies.

Large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare providers, entertainment & media, real estate companies, and hospitality & tourism can use this template. Flexibility and user-friendliness are core features of this design. Hence, this template allows customization and is suitable for both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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