Product Description:

The 4Ps of Marketing is a visual aid designed to support marketers and business experts in explaining and studying the components of marketing plans. This interactive template simplifies the marketing mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

This Marketing presentation template has a header that can be edited as per the title or topic. It features a circle labeled the 4 P’s of Marketing as its focal point. It is encircled by four distinct tabs in different colors representing each P. Each tab includes a P aspect and an icon symbolizing its respective concept. A megaphone for promotion, a shopping cart for products, a globe for place, and coins for price. The tabs have placeholders at the top and bottom side so that the information can be inserted. 

The layout and design of the template allow the audience to be engaged in the presentation. This template is ideal for professionals in business, marketing strategists, ad managers, product developers, educators, and students seeking to outline marketing strategy components. It can be easily customized to suit your presentations’ unique requirements.

The template is designed to work with both PowerPoint and Google Slides. The trial plan offered by SlideUpLift allows the users, presentation templates free access for 2 days. The trial library has a hand-picked collection of categories that can be used for professional business presentations.