Product Description:

Agenda Slide PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 6

Get ready for your meetings with the easy-to-use Agenda Slide PowerPoint Template 6. This template helps you share your ideas in a visually appealing and well-structured manner, neatly displaying the topics you will be discussing. 

The slide starts with a place at the top where you can write your heading and introduce the main idea of your meeting. The slide has a calm white background paired with orange and gray strips to write your content. The orange color against the grey boxes indicates the topic currently being discussed. The text block folds to make the bullet number pop, giving it a folded-paper look.

The agenda template PPT has four steps, each with a significant number from 01 to 04. These steps show the agenda topic of your meeting, namely ‘Project Brief,’ ‘Project Team,’ ‘Project Work Place,’ and ‘Project Budget.’ Each step has an icon next to it. These icons are pictures that show what each part is about. Under agenda topics, you have space to write more details about each step.

These professional slide templates are fully customizable and can be changed according to your needs, making them perfect for anyone who wants to plan a meeting simply. They are compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides. With this template, everyone can understand your meeting’s plan.