Product Description:

Bulb Agenda Slide Template for PowerPoint & Google Slides

The Bulb Agenda Slide PowerPoint Template is a creative and engaging way to shine a light on the list of agenda topics in the presentation. It is designed to visually engage the participants while encouraging discussions and ideas during the meeting. The large illustrative bulb icon at the top left corner symbolizes innovation and inspiration, making it suitable for brainstorming sessions, itineraries, or corporate meetings in workshops, business conferences, or classrooms.

This agenda presentation template provides a clear, easy-to-read layout on a primarily white background with a small gray rectangular area on the left. At the top of the slide, there’s a text box where you can write the title or an introduction to the theme of the meeting. On the left, the slide has a yellow minimalistic bulb icon, which contrasts the gray background, drawing attention to the key points. To the right of the bulb icon is a numbered list of six rounded yellow text boxes that can be filled with the items on the agenda. These text boxes are similar to the rays of light from the bulb, implying that these are insights or important points that need to be illuminated.

The warm yellow contrasts with the navy blue tones of the bulb icon, providing it with a touch of modernity, which makes it appear sophisticated when you type down your particular objectives and issues for consideration. The audience should then follow these as they are provided along with large digits representing each item discussed, making it easy for the audience to track the points mentioned during the meeting using the corresponding number. This PowerPoint template suits presenters who want some innovation in their meetings without limiting its use to official discussions.

All elements can be customized in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Making it a versatile, creative, and interactive tool to present your agenda if you’re looking for free professional PowerPoint templates.