Product Description:

Agenda PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 03

Simplify your meeting planning process with the straightforward Agenda PowerPoint Template 03. This agenda slide design presents the key points of your meeting in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for everyone to follow. The main title, ‘Our Agenda,’ states the focus, which appears boldly at the topmost part of it. Under this, there is space for you to write a meeting brief. The white background’s simple look makes words easy to see, while the blue color scheme of arrows gives it a professional look and helps numbers stand out against the white. 

As shown on the right, five blue arrows in a numbered list point towards their corresponding agenda topics. The numbering goes from 01 to 05, and these help the audience follow the sequence of the topics. You can use this space for each arrow to fill out details or a short description. You can modify text and fonts, include icons, and change slide colors to meet your needs.

This template can be used in professional meetings and academic discourse. The structured layout allows people to anticipate the next topic of concern, facilitating an understanding of the flow of meetings. This template can be used with both PowerPoint and Google Slides. For those on a budget, we also provide free slide templates for Google Slides so that there are no limits to your productivity.