Product Description:

The Animated Executive Summary Five Point 3D PowerPoint Template is a brief and easy-to-understand presentation template that can be used in various settings across various sectors to impress and engage the audience. This template uses 3D elements and animations to deliver its message. 

The template features multiple 3D elements in a multi-colored theme to make the content more vibrant and eye-catching. The left side has a sphere that can include the title, from which each element emerges as an individual aspect of a project or plan. The business presentation templates use the Peek In, Wipe, and Zoom animation styles for each aspect to provide equal light and attention for all. 

The template can be used in business settings to summarize a particular project or activity to the stakeholders or decision-makers. It can also be used by individuals to lay down general project themes and ideas for a wider audience. The template can be edited to match the brand or user’s requirements. It is also compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

SlideUpLift offers an abundance of PowerPoint executive summary template for professional use that are fully editable and ready to use.