Product Description:

The executive summary PowerPoint Template is a visually appealing template that allows you to present a longer document’s five most important points shortly and concisely. You can use this template to present information easily and efficiently.

This business PowerPoint template uses 3D elements to add to its appeal and make it more engaging for the audience by presenting information this way. The left side of the screen is reserved for the title, while the right side provides a space for the five points along with their titles. 

This template can be used by business professionals and managers who wish to creatively note down some of the most important points of their documents. It can be used by anyone who wants to present their information through pointers. You can customize each element of this template per your requirements. PowerPoint and Google Slides can access the template for convenience.

SlideUpLift offers an abundance of executive summary PowerPoint templates for professional use that are fully editable and ready to use.