Product Description:

Agenda Slide PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

Make your meeting plans clear with our Agenda Slide PowerPoint Template. This design is well-structured and easy to understand for everyone. It has a plain white background and a gray margin on the left, indicating where the content is located. The slide has six main agenda points. 

Each agenda part has a circle with an icon for a meeting topic, like a target or a gear. The circles are lined up on the left side, with a line passing between them formed by the margin and background. Every circle has a gray color that is easy to see, and an orange color appears when an agenda is selected, denoting which topic is being discussed in the present. This makes it simple to tell one part from another. Next to each circle is a place to write the topic to be discussed in the meeting. This space is also significantly large and easy to read. Then, there is more space to write a few sentences explaining the topic in more detail.

Our PPT agenda template is not just a static tool. It’s a flexible solution that adapts to your needs. You can customize the pictures and words to fit your meeting agenda perfectly. The design is crafted to present your meeting plan clearly and easily. Whether you’re using Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, this slides template is at your disposal. And for those on a budget, we offer free Google slide templates. It’s a tool that empowers you to share your meeting agenda with everyone effortlessly.