Product Description:

Business etiquette is a set of guidelines that govern the way people interact with one another in business inside or outside bodies. Work etiquette is all about behaving professionally in every aspect of the company, like punctuality and communication.

Companies give a detailed overview of their Work Etiquettes to New Hires in the Employee Orientation and  HR Presentation.  This Employee Orientation presentation is usually a part of the employee onboarding process.      

You can use this PowerPoint Presentation as a part of the HR presentation to showcase the Work etiquette of your company to the new hires. This HR template can become an integral part of your employee onboarding process. This PowerPoint Presentation consists of dos and don’ts of Business Etiquette and dos and don’ts of email etiquettes. 

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  • Complete Business etiquette PowerPoint Presentation
  • Excellent PowerPoint Theme
  • Fully Editable Template and Easy to Modify
  • Available in Two Sizes: 4×3 and 16×9
  • Detailed Do’s and Don’ts templates
  • Compatible with Google Slides and Themes