Product Description:

About Project Status Review Deck

The Project Status Review Deck is designed to discuss the progress of a project within a specific period and compare it against the project plan. Such presentation deck are used in project management.

The deck starts with the project brief and the project team, followed by the progress summary and the milestones achieved by far. It also includes the budget summary and report and, finally, the risks involved with the next steps to be taken.

Project Status Review is important for the successful completion of any project. By presenting essential information in a condensed format, the Project Status Review deck facilitates effective decision-making and keeps all parties informed.

Who Can Use This Project Status Review Deck?

The Project Status Review Deck can be used by the Project teams, heads, managers, and reviewers involved in the project’s successful completion. Whether presenting to the CEO, clients, shareholders, or investors, this presentation deck can effectively communicate your project status to the viewer.

When to use this Project Status Review Deck?

The Project Status Review Deck can be used in situations where you want to present your project review to interested parties. It can be used in your project review meetings with your team while discussing the status of any new project. It can also be used in the board meeting to present your project review and gather feedback.

Product Features Of Project Status Review Deck

No. of Slides


Easily editable



Blue and White

Aspect Ratio

4:3 and 16:9


PowerPoint And Google Slides

How To Download Project Status Review Deck?

Follow the steps mentioned below to download this Project Status Review Deck:

  1. Click on the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to Checkout.
  2. Complete the purchase process by providing the necessary information.
  3. After your purchase is complete, you can find the link to download the product in your order history.
  4. Download the Project Status Review Deck in your preferred format, either PowerPoint or Google Slides.
  5. Customize the slides with your content, images, and data and present them to your audience.