10 Tips to transform dull PowerPoint Slides into engaging Presentations

Hacks To Transform Dull PowerPoint Slides Into Engaging Presentations

January 28, 2019| slideuplift
Hacks To Transform Dull PowerPoint Slides Into Engaging Presentations

Per experts, the audience gets hooked and pays more attention to the visual content of your powerpoint slides than drab-looking text-heavy content. In this article, we offer an array of creative powerpoint slide designs that are sure to win you accolades. They will help you think beyond bullet points and unlock the amazing visual story waiting to be released from your message.

You must be wondering how to be visually creative if your PowerPoint slides are heavy on content. Don’t worry below are the ideas to get you started:

Idea#1: Visual Bullets
Idea#2: Double sided text
Idea#3: Chunking
Idea#4: Picturization
Idea#5: Iconify
Idea#6: Backgrounding
Idea#7: Use Grids in PowerPoint to split the content
Idea#8: Use of Central figures
Idea#9: Layout shaping
Idea#10: Roadmapping

Idea#1: Visual Bullets

Create business PowerPoint slides with lines, shapes, and spacing to separate the content. This trick comes handy if you have a lot of content to be organized.

Powerpoint Slide Design

View powerPoint Slide Design

Idea#2:  Double-sided text

Alternate key points on the left and right side of the page. This elegant slide design visually separates a lot of text on the slide and is easy on the target audience’s eye. As you can see in the powerpoint slide example below, each piece of text has plenty of white space to breathe.

Powerpoint Template Design

View powerPoint Template Design

Idea#3: Chunking 

You can also create professional powerpoint slides based on the concept of chunking. Chunking refers to organizing your content in groups and showing those chunks horizontally or vertically depending on how much content you have. To create effective visual chunks you should group the related elements on the PowerPoint slide and contrast the unrelated elements. When the grouping is clear and the contrast is obvious, the target audience finds it easy to understand and process the information on your PowerPoint slides. Chunking works brilliantly to showcase different ideas on the same PowerPoint slide as our mind is wired to search for patterns to make sense of the information we find around us.

Tip: Use PowerPoint shapes to separate the text and add numbers, headlines or PowerPoint icons to each chunk of text depending on the type of content you have on your PowerPoint Slides.

Powerpoint Slide Template

View powerPoint Slide Template

PPT Template Design

View PPT Template Design

Powerpoint Slide Template


View powerPoint Slide Template

Idea#4: Picturization 

Another way of building effective business presentations is to represent your content by using photos. Use images for PowerPoint presentations relevant to your content which aids in communicating your business story.  Professional powerpoint slides created using photos help in visually separating the data hence the clutter.

Use of images also allows your target audience to immediately associate an idea with the text hence increasing the comprehension of your content.

Agenda Powerpoint Slide

View Agenda powerPoint Slide

Agenda Template

View Agenda Template

Idea#5: Iconify 

The use of PowerPoint icons has become another popular option to create business powerpoint slides. There is an abundance of free icon libraries available online to choose icons for using them in your powerpoint slides. They occupy less space, visually separate the clutter and are best to emphasize certain content.

Powerpoint Slide with icons

View powerPoint Slide with Icons

Business PowerPoint Slide

View Business powerPoint Slide

Idea#6: Backgrounding

Background pictures in PowerPoint is a great way to set the context of the content therefore a lot of professional PowerPoint templates are designed using an image as a background. You can insert a gradient, semi-transparent layer between the text and the photo so that whichever photo you use, the text will always be visible.

Agenda Powerpoint Slide

View Agenda powerPoint Slide

Timeline Powerpoint Slide

View Timeline powerPoint Slide

Idea#7: Use Grids in PowerPoint to split the content 

The chief aim of lining up your elements in a grid format is creating a clean and organized space. Structure and symmetry are naturally pleasing to the eye. Another great benefit of grids is that you can easily integrate different elements like pictures, numbers, and text into beautiful PowerPoint Slides. You can also alternate the colors in the grid to make them visually appealing. Just choose alternating colors wisely to avoid color riot on the powerpoint slide.

Risk Analysis Template

View Risk Analysis Template

Business Model Template

View Business Model Template

Idea#8: Use of Central figures:

Add one visual element that summarizes the main idea of the powerpoint slide. You can divide the powerpoint slide into title and text sections with strong contrast. You may choose any image; however we recommend using a PowerPoint icon due to the simplicity of the illustration and its neat, transparent look.

Strategy Powerpoint Template

View Strategy powerPoint Template

Idea#9:  Layout shaping

A circular graphic is another excellent tool for building a PowerPoint slide, especially if the content forms parts of a whole idea or works together cyclically.

This layout allows for plenty of active white space on PowerPoint Slides, which increases its’ consistency and readability.

If there are many parts of a whole and you want to talk about each part separately, you may want to animate all the parts so that they appear one at a time and can help your target audience follow along as you talk about each part.

Please ensure consistency in your PowerPoint Slides, if you’re going to insert PowerPoint icons or images.

Powerpoint Template for Business

View powerPoint Template for Business

Idea#10: Roadmapping

Use of roadmap or path layout to show direction and flow on your Powerpoint Slides

If you want to show content that goes in sequential order, consider displaying things on a journey type of layout.  A clear path or roadmap will visually help your target audience to form associations and inferences from direction and flow.

Roadmap Powerpoint Template

View Roadmap powerPoint Template

PPT Slide

View pPT Slide

These are some of the ways to build effective Business presentations. If all this sounds too much, simply head over to SlideUpLift and purchase a pre-built professional powerpoint templates (like any of the slide examples seen in this article). It will save you tons of time and your PowerPoint slides are guaranteed to look great. You will also get to know even more diverse PowerPoint designs and formats which could be used to create engaging business presentations.

These PowerPoint templates are instantly downloadable, 100% editable and easy to use. Using SlideUpLift library, you can start with templates, make edits and create presentations in minutes.

Happy Presenting!!

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