Business Strategy PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates

A business strategy presentation template is important for communicating the company’s plans and objectives to stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, and customers. You can use the
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Product Pricing

What Are The Three Basic Business Strategies?

There are three basic types of business strategies that corporates adopt:

  1. Cost Differentiation Strategy: This business strategy is about pricing your product or service right. The price tempts the customers to buy your products instead of from your competitors.
  2. Product Differentiation Strategy: In a product differentiation strategy, you price your product reasonably enough to stand out from the competition. The reason companies employ this strategy is that your product offers unique features that others don’t.
  3. Growth Strategy: This strategy is employed when you want to grow the business by adding new products, improving the existing product, or expanding to new geographical locations.

What To Include In Strategy Slide?

A strategic slide template helps you explain your business strategy to meet your corporate goals. This strategy presentation template is important whether you plan to seek out investments, plan for business expansion, or plan to improve your current business. You can add your specific business goals slide, business tactics slide to achieve those goals, financing information to sponsor those goals, etc., using a strategic planning PPT template.

What To Include In A Strategy Framework Template?

A strategy PPT is a pre-designed slide or a framework that helps guide and structure the development of a strategic plan for an organization or individual. It provides a consistent outline for showcasing one’s goals, objectives, actions, and resources needed to achieve desired outcomes. A business strategy PPT template often includes sections for outlining SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, target market, and implementation plan.

How Do You Structure A Strategy Presentation?

There is no ‘fit-for-all’ way to build a strategy for your powerpoint presentation, but there are specific key components that you should showcase in your presentation. The outline below is a great place to start if you are creating a business strategy template for the first time.

  1. Define Goals – The welcome slide of the presentation should be a clear articulation of the job to be done, including the specific goal or issues.
  2. Insights – Every great strategy starts with research. Hopefully, you have done thorough research about the subject and pulled some actionable insights from the data.
  3. Strategy – This is the first slide where you illustrate your strategy. This slide of your presentation needs to be impactful, so make it clear and concise. You want your audience to be hooked to your presentation. Your choice of words matters. Use visuals like timelines and graphs to make it easy for your audience to grasp the information.
  4. Tactics – In this next section, you can showcase the exact steps or tactics you plan to employ. You should explain the complicated tasks in detail, but keep in mind that less is more.
  5. Timing – Here, you can explain the complete timeline of your strategy. How long will each phase of your strategy be? What are the key milestones you plan to achieve by a specific date? And, of course, when do you expect to achieve the desired outcome? Set realistic goals and expectations and try to over-deliver.

What Are The 5 Ps Of Strategy?

The 5 Ps to develop a strategy are:

  1. Plan – Planning is a critical part of the strategy formulation process. We brainstorm the strategy paths available and plan the events and tasks to be performed throughout the journey.
  2. Ploy – This part of the strategy is used to dissuade, discourage, or otherwise influence your competitors.
  3. Pattern – Strategies emerge from past organizational behavior. A consistent way of doing business can develop into a successful strategy.
  4. Position – This decides how to position your brand or product in the market. A strategy helps you explore the market environment and enables you to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.
  5. Perspective – The choices you make about your strategy rely heavily on your organizational culture. Just as patterns of behavior shape your strategy, ways of thinking shape an organization’s perspective.

With SlideUpLift, you can download attractive strategy PowerPoint templates on 5Ps of strategy and showcase it to clients and stakeholders.

How Do You Develop A Sales Strategy Presentation?

Developing a sales strategy can help you create sustainable growth for the company. A sales strategy PowerPoint template helps achieve our goals, such as sales process, understanding the customer, improving the customer experience, etc. Here are the steps to build an effective sales strategy presentation:

  1. Assess Where You Have Been and Where You Are Now
  2. Create A Clear Customer Profile
  3. Do A SWOT Analysis
  4. Set A Clear Market Strategy
  5. Create Clear Revenue Goals
  6. Develop And Communicate Clear Positioning
  7. Clear Action Plan.

How Do You Write A Business Strategy Presentation?

A business strategy presentation template defines what you need to do to achieve your goals, which may involve reviewing your previous business strategies, making clear goals, etc. Here are the key components of a business strategy plan.

  1. Executive summary: This helps your readers to have a quick overview of your business, such as its mission, values, goals, and key strategies. This part should be high-level, not providing too much detail.
  2. Strategic analysis: This section of your plan provides an overview of your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It’s good to present both internal and external business environments. Be sure to identify issues that you want to tackle.
  3. Strategies and tactics: Discuss the steps you will take to achieve your goals, such as launching a new product, changing the price of existing products, and launching a new marketing campaign.
  4. Budget and operating plans: Put forth your estimated budget plan, which details the funding and resources needed to setting your smart goals.
  5. Communication of the plan: Describe your communication plan that will ensure that all key stakeholders are on the same page.