Product Description:

A decision tree is a type of flowchart you can use to visualize a decision-making process. The decision trees help you map out different courses of action and their potential outcomes. The Decision Flow Chart PowerPoint Template is used to simplify the decision-making process by breaking down the different paths of action available. 

The template has a header at the top that can be edited according to the topic of the flow chart. It is designed with the main topic box at the beginning, which breaks down branches. These branches are in two colors that are blue and gray showing the difference between the two sectors. The background is white in color, giving it a peaceful and professional look. The minimalist design of this flow chart PowerPoint template attracts the attention of the viewers. It also helps the users to present the presentation in a subtle way, which overwhelms the audience. 

This template can be used by data analysts, researchers and operation managers in a business environment. The template’s text, font, design, and color are customizable to match the aesthetics of the presentation. These professional PowerPoint templates are compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.