Product Description:

The Spotlight slide template can be used to magnify the management, working, progress, analysis of a particular aspect. It can be used by business professionals from different departments. There is a spotlight on the left side of the template. It focuses on the three circles that are below it. This symbolizes that the spotlight is highlighting the attributes in the circles (marketing analysis, competitive analysis and financial projections). The circles are orange, blue and green, along with a yellow light. The color palette of this layout is eye-catching. The white background makes it attractive and the focus is only on the main content. The template also has a description box on the right, mentioning precise information on the elements.

SlideUpLift offers this animated template and allows users to focus on each point in accordance with their required time. The preview of the slides are given in the second, third and fourth slide. Each slide focuses on highlighting each circle separately. This allows the users to illustrate the points in brief. Spotlight template is ideal for individuals during meetings with the team, stakeholders, departments or during appraisals, interviews. This template is 100% customizable and compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides. Google Slides templates free access to templates is available in the trial plan.