Table Of Contents Templates

Are you looking for the best table of contents PowerPoint that makes your presentation stand out? If yes, then you are in the right place. We provide 100% editable and customizable TOC templates for your variety of presentation needs. Our wide range of table of contents infographics helps you summarize key business topics in your meetings effectively and succinctly. Whether you need to present a project update, business report, or share some form of educational material, our downloadable table of contents ppt templates will help you organize your topics and give your audience a clear indication of the subject being presented. It provides the audience with an overview of the topics to be covered in the presentation ahead. Our 100% editable table of contents slides for the presentation are compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides. Also, check out our editable Google slides templates to accelerate your presentation work.


What Is A Table Of Contents (TOC)?

The table of content, abbreviated as TOC, is an inescapable part of all PowerPoint presentations. It helps the audience to get an overview of what to expect from the presentation. It is generally the first slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

Typically, the table of contents PowerPoint template contains the main business topics covered in the presentation with their page number. The PowerPoint table of contents template helps in dividing the topics in the presentation into various sections. It helps in revisiting the desired sections of the PowerPoint Presentation effortlessly.

How To Create A Table Of Contents With Page Numbers In Powerpoint?

Follow these easy steps to create your table of contents template in the PowerPoint:
  • Add a blank slide at the beginning of your PowerPoint presentation. Write the headline as "Table Of Content".
  • Type the title of each slide in the table of content slide.
  • To quickly copy the titles, turn on the Outline View tab from the View tab.
  • After turning on the Outline View tab, a thumbnail pane will appear on the left side.
  • Select the title and then copy it.
  • Paste the title in the table of the content slide to add it.
  • Add the page numbers corresponding to the titles

How Do You Link A Table Of Contents To A Page In PowerPoint?

After adding the titles on your table of contents slide, turn them into a hyperlink that jumps to the corresponding slide in your presentation deck..

  1. Select a title that you pasted on the table of contents slide.
  2. On the Insert tab, select Link.
  3. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, select the Place in This Document tab option.
  4. In the Select, a place in this document dialog box, under Slide Titles, select the slide title corresponding to the title you selected in step 1.
  5. Click OK to insert a hyperlink on your table of contents slide.
  6. Repeat the above steps for each hyperlink you want to create in your table of contents.

Should Page Numbers Start After The Table Of Contents In Powerpoint?

The actual numbering should start after the table of contents in PowerPoint because TOC is not considered as the actual content slide. It just showcases what to expect in the presentation. However, if you wish to number it, the table of content template is often numbered with a lowercase Roman numeral page number.

What Are The Best Fonts To Use In the Table Of Contents (TOC) In The Presentation?

Verdana and Georgia are the best fonts for the table of contents slide. They are easily readable. They are not used often which makes them appealing on screen. Bold alphabets with wide spaces make your presentation professional and winsome. Verdana looks appealing on every device. If you are using numbers in your TOC presentation template then Georgia is the best font for you. It offers an option of lowercase numbers. Therefore Verdana and Georgia are the best tools when showcasing either alphabet or numbers.

What Are The Different Types Of Table Of Contents Templates?

  • Vertical Table Of Content: These templates allow you to showcase the content in a vertical order. It is the traditional format.
  • Horizontal Table Of Content: These templates allow you to showcase the titles for different purposes in horizontal order.
  • Detailed Table Of Content: These templates follow an in-depth framework that allows you to add brief details of your listed titles for your business presentations.
  • Formal Table Of Content: These templates allow you to list formal titles such as the purpose of the meeting/conference/presentation, the names of the meeting coordinators and attendees, date, and duration of the meeting, etc.
  • Prioritized Table Of Content: These templates provide a table of content-setting frameworks that allows you to showcase in the order of their importance.
  • Timed Table Of Content: These templates provide you with a framework that applies the use of a fixed timeline for the meeting/conference/presentation.

Why Table Of Contents Slide Is Important In The Business Presentation?

  • It eases the process of navigation through the presentation.
  • It sets the tone of the presentation.
  • It lays the first impression.
  • It gives a brief introduction to the whole presentation.
  • It clarifies to the audience where the presentation is headed.